Get the most from your plans by following these tips:

  • Know before you go. Call your Benefits Value Advisor at 1-800-548-1686 to help compare costs and services or use the cost estimator tool on www.bcbsil.com.
  • Schedule your preventive care exam. The cost is $0 when you use an in-network provider.
  • Compare Rx costs. Use the “Check drug cost and coverage” feature on www.caremark.com to compare costs of alternative medications.

Benefits Value Advisor

Making the right decisions on where to go for care can be difficult and confusing – AND COSTLY! That’s why we offer a great resource to help you get quality health care services at cost-effective locations. In addition, you may even earn a cash reward!

What Do I Need to Do?

Any time you need to schedule an appointment or procedure that is NOT PREVENTIVE such as an MRI, back/shoulder/knee surgery, CAT/CT Scans, Endoscopy or Colonoscopy procedures or a visit with a specialist, call your Benefits Value Advisor, or BVA, first.

Benefits Value Advisor can assist with the following:

  • Help you find high-quality, low-cost health care providers near you.
  • Schedule your appointments and coordinate pre-authorizations.
  • Email you educational videos on procedures and treatment options.
  • Assist with any other customer service questions.

What are Member Rewards?

In addition to the money you can save in coinsurance, you may earn a CASH REWARD if you select a lower-cost, quality provider from the several possibilities your BVA can offer you! You can get rewarded twice!

Member Rewards—combined with Provider Finder, the nationwide database of independently contracted health care providers—can help you:

  • Compare costs and quality for numerous procedures.
  • Estimate out-of-pocket costs.
  • Earn cash while shopping for care.
  • Save money and make the most efficient use of your health care benefits.
  • Consider treatment decisions with your doctors.

Save Time and Money

Did you know …?

  • In-network preventive care is covered 100%, which includes your annual physical through Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois (BCBSIL) and annual exam, cleaning and X-rays through Delta Dental. Don’t forget your eyes, too—VSP covers annual eye exams for just a $10 copay.
  • Emergency room care is costly and your TreeHouse medical plan offers alternatives for non-emergency care after hours or on weekends. Consider these options instead.
    • MDLIVE. You can consult with a doctor in minutes online, by phone and via mobile app for $44. To register call 1-888-676-4204 or visit www.MDLIVE.com/BCBSIL.
    • Your doctor. Physicians are expanding office hours to better meet their patients’ needs.
    • Urgent care. These providers are a convenient option for common symptoms, such as stomach pains, minor falls and cuts, urinary tract infections, sprains, etc. Visit www.bcbsil.com, log in with your username and password and select the “Doctors & Hospitals” tile.
    • BCBSIL 24/7 Nurseline. Nurses are available to help you decide whether to go to the emergency room, answer health questions about asthma, high fever, sore throat, and more. Call 1-800-299-0274 anytime!
  • You can save money on co-pays for maintenance medications through the Maintenance Choice Program. Register at www.caremark.com, and take advantage of the auto-refill and mail order programs—you’ll pay less out of pocket.
  • MetLife will prepare a will for you at no cost if you are enrolled in supplemental term life. Call 1-800-821-6400 for assistance.

Get More From Your Benefits

Did you know your dental coverage through Delta Dental ...?

  • Includes two cleanings and exams per plan year at no cost to you.
  • Integrates oral health and overall health with the Enhanced Benefits Program for members with specific health conditions, including diabetes, kidney failure and high-risk cardiac conditions, as well as pregnant women. The Enhanced Benefits Program includes additional cleanings and/or applications of topical fluoride. The costs of these services are applied to members’ annual maximums.
  • Provides members with free access to Amplifon for best-in-class hearing solutions from Miracle Ear, Phonak, ReSound, Starkey, Signia and more. The program includes one year of free follow-up care and three-year warranty, plus a complimentary two-year supply of batteries. Visit www.amplifonusa.com/deltadentalil to learn more.

Other discounts are also available:

  • BCBSIL offers discounts on fitness, personal care, financial, healthy eating and other products and services through Blue365. You can browse all deals by clicking on “Member Discount Program” under Quick Links once you have logged into www.bcbsil.com.
  • Your EAP program through LifeWorks offers discounts as well as many articles with helpful information on travel, smart shopping and community resources at www.metlifeeap.lifeworks.com.

Go Mobile

Did you know …?

Many of TreeHouse’s benefits vendors offer mobile apps so you can find what you need fast. Apps are available for download on your mobile device's app store.

    • Find providers
    • Access claims, coverage
    • View your ID card
    • Consult with a doctor from your smartphone
  • Centered
    • Offered through BCBSIL
    • Manage your stress
  • CVS Pharmacy (Prescription Drugs)
    • Order/track prescription refills
    • Check drug costs
  • Optum Bank (HSA)
    • Get account snapshots
    • Manage/pay for eligible health care expenses
  • TaxSaver Plan (FSA)
    • Submit/review claims and debit card transactions
  • Delta Dental
    • Schedule appointments
    • Check insurance information
  • VSP (Vision)
    • Find a doctor
    • Check coverage
    • Shop the latest eyewear fashions
  • LifeWorks (EAP)
    • Connect with counselors
    • Access EAP info, resources
    • Sync wellness activities with wearable technology

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