It's Easy to Enroll

Enrolling is easy when you use our online process with Workday, an Internet-based HR system that you can use to enroll in and manage your benefits—anytime from anywhere. You can access Workday:

Remember, if you are newly hired or newly eligible for TreeHouse benefits, you must enroll within 31 days of your hire date or newly eligible date. You will receive a notification in Workday with a link to the enrollment event once you complete the required onboarding steps. Simply complete your elections, attach any required dependent verification needed and submit.

Do Your Homework

Use this checklist to help you elect your TreeHouse benefits.

  • Review your benefit options carefully and enter dependent information for any dependents that you want to cover. You will need to provide legal proof of eligibility when making your elections. Details are provided throughout this site—so be sure to navigate.
  • Use the TreeHouse Plan Comparison Tool to help you make an informed decision about your medical plan.

Now Decide

Enrolling is Easy!

Click here to enroll in the HSA/FSAs and make changes to your current coverage.

Workday user ID

Your Workday user ID is:

  • Your network login

When logging into Workday outside of the TreeHouse network, Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) is activated as an extra layer of security and works by requiring you to:

  1. know something (sign in with your Office365 User ID & Password) and
  2. have something (receive a code via text, phone call or app)

Multi Factor Authentication is only necessary when accessing Workday outside of the TreeHouse Foods network. In other words, if you are trying to access Workday outside of a TreeHouse Foods facility and you are not connected via VPN, MFA will kick in. Users can enroll in MFA anytime, and during our initial rollout will be prompted to enroll in MFA anytime they log into Workday if they do not have MFA set up.

Important Information Regarding MFA Enrollment:

For those users that are currently not setup in MFA, this is what to expect:

  1. Regardless of your location (on or off network), you will be prompted to register for MFA when logging into Workday. If you plan to access Workday outside the TreeHouse network (including mobile), this step is required.
  2. Once you are registered for MFA, MFA will launch when you access Workday outside the network, including mobile.
  3. If you do not register for MFA (step 1), and you try to access Workday outside the network (including mobile), you will not be able to log into Workday. To opt into MFA, contact your local IT Resource or call the Help Desk at 920-403-1555.

Dependent Verification

We ask that all employees verify their dependent details in Workday during enrollment.

If you are enrolling a newly eligible dependent you will need to provide a Social Security number at the time of enrollment. You must also provide proof of the dependent's eligibility to your HR Department before coverage is activated. A birth or marriage certificate and current tax return are examples of acceptable proof of dependent status. You can upload a copy of the acceptable document to Workday during your enrollment or you can provide a hard copy to your local HR Department.

TreeHouse reserves the right to request and audit proof of eligible dependent status throughout the year.

Required Compliance Notices

To view required compliance notices, click here.


Benefits Eligibility

All full-time employees who work at least 30 hours per week are eligible to enroll in TreeHouse Foods benefits. You may also enroll eligible dependents for some benefit plans. A dependent is defined as a legal spouse, disabled children who meet certain criteria and children up to age 26.

Life Event Verification Documents

When enrolling a newly eligible dependent you will need to provide proof of the dependent's eligibility before coverage is activated. Upload a copy of the acceptable document to Workday during your enrollment.  Acceptable documents are listed below.

Documentation must include

  • Name of employee and/or dependents affected by the change
  • Effective date for gain/loss of coverage

Note: Qualified Life Events allow changes to benefits within 31 days of the event.

Life Event Acceptable Forms of Documentation
  • Court Document
  • Hospital Birth Certificate
  • State Birth Certificate
Death of a Spouse or Child
  • Death Certificate
  • Obituary
  • Court Document
Gain of Outside Coverage
  • Employer letter
  • Insurance card with effective date
  • Insurance carrier document
Loss of Other Coverage
  • COBRA enrollment letter
  • Employer letter
  • Insurance carrier document
  • Marriage certificate (not marriage license)
Spousal Surcharge Update
  • COBRA enrollment letter
  • Insurance card with effective date
  • Employer letter
  • Insurance carrier document

Changing Benefits Due to Qualified Life Events

You may not change or cancel your benefit elections during the plan year at any time other than Open Enrollment unless you experience a qualifying event.

Qualifying life events include but are not limited to:

  • Marriage
  • Divorce or legal separation
  • Birth or adoption of an eligible child
  • Death of your spouse or covered child
  • Loss or addition of other group coverage
  • Change in your spouse's work status (part-time to full-time or vice versa; taking or returning from an unpaid leave of absence)
  • Change in your work status that affects your benefits
  • Change in residence that affects your eligibility for coverage
  • You or your covered dependent becomes eligible for Medicare

What to do if you experience a life event

If you need to make benefit changes as a result of a life event, visit Workday, or contact your local HR Department. Changes must be made within 31 days of the qualifying event. You will need to provide some type of proof of your qualified life event such as a marriage certificate or a notice of cancellation of other coverage.

Keep In Mind

When changing your benefits due to a life event, the changes you make must be consistent with that event. For example, if you get married, you can change your coverage level to add your spouse, but you cannot change medical plan options.